2020 FUBiS-Program – new lectureres wanted (doctoral student/post-doc.)

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For 2020 the FUBiS-Program (Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University) is looking for new lecturers (doctoral student/post-doc). Courses similar to “Europe, Migration, Refugees term II” and “Europe, Migration, Refugees term III” are to be designed and carried out. 

What we expect: 

  • A critical migration research background (cultural and social anthropology, cultural studies, qualitative sociology) 
  • rich teaching experience, also in English 
  • The ability to develop and transmit a broad as well as critical overview on contemporary as well as historic EU and German flight_migration polities, policies, politics, policing, law, economics as well as everyday practice 
  • Expertise in relevant sub-topics to provide in-depth insights 

What we offer: 

  • decent payment 
  • excellent working conditions 
  • students from all over the world (mostly undergraduate students) 
  • a thorough handover and counseling by the predecessor 
  • a dedicated staff and faculty 

We strongly encourage and cherish applications from marginalized persons! 

Please send a full CV with contact details to Juna Kühn, FUBiS Program Manager at j.kuehn@fu-berlin.de ASAP

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