Postdoc in Goettingen

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The Department for Cultural Anthropology / European Ethnology at
Georg-August-University, Göttingen, Germany, is offering a 3-year 100%
postdoc position, to be filled as of July 1, 2020.

This research position will be part of an interdisciplinary research
project devoted to the provenience research of human remains in the anatomical
collections of the Göttingen University. The overall research team consists
of historians, physical anthropologists, and curatorial scholars. The team
will be further augmented by visiting fellows from source communities. The
overall aim of the project seeks to develop best practice models for
engaging with university collections in a postcolonial era.

We are looking for a cultural or social anthropologist with excellent
German speaking and reading skills. The postdoc position entails:

a) close ethnographic participation and documentation of the unfolding
research in this project in the manner of science studies, with attention
to the unfolding of interdisciplinary cohesion, as well as points of
friction and negotiation, and

b) establishing contacts with members of source communities of the
collections researched in the project.

The tasks and the profile are outlined in more detail in the appended
advertisement in German. Application deadline is 30 April 2020.
Applications should be submitted through the following link:

For any questions, please write directly to Professor Regina Bendix (

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