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Call for Contributors for an edited book in a new series



EDITOR: Lior Tal
(Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bar-Ilan University)
Deadline: 19th April 2020.

Like any biocultural category, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is
both a medical entity and a social construct naturalised by medical and popular
discourses. In critical theory we do not face the question of whether or not this
medical entity is ‘real’, but, rather: what realities are organised around it.
ADHD is not only medicalised, however: it is also gendered. According to the
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V 2013: 63): ‘ADHD is more frequent in males than in females in the general population’, whereas ‘females are more likely than males to present primarily with inattentive features’ (while males are commonly associated with hyperactivity). Gendered ADHD differences thus echo heteronormative gender constructs: inattentiveness and ‘daydreaming’ for women, as opposed to hyperactivity and ‘acting out’ for men.
ADHD & GENDER is an edited collection of essays discussing various
intersections of ADHD and gender from a critical (rather than clinical) perspective. Essays are welcome from a range of disciplines and approaches. Contributors might consider, for example, why ADHD-’females’ are expected to daydream while ADHD- ’males’ are expected to act out? What does it mean to be a ‘hyperactive’ ADHD- woman, or an ‘inattentive’ ADHD-man? What’s the ‘ruling’ about transgender or intersex people with ADHD? How are gendered ADHD-bodies represented in popular culture? Further, how are they marginalised by hegemonic forms of gender and cultural production? And what kinds of resistance does this marginalisation produce?
This book is all about understanding how ADHD and gender intersect, whether in childhood or adulthood, school or academic studies, the workplace, family life,
interpersonal or intimate relations, sex, sports, media, or in the arts.
interdisciplinary Series that provides a publication hub for leading researchers in the fields of gender, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, and related disciplines.
What these writers have in common is a desire to explore how ‘gender’ is inhabited, reproduced, and received globally. The books published in the Series will address, above all, the question: am I my gender, or do I perform my gender? Resonating with this question, ADHD & GENDER will examine how heteronormative gender roles are co-opted by medical discourse and reproduced by mass media and popular culture, and how such roles are eventually consumed, assimilated and embodied by individuals.(Institute of Gender Studies, University of Chester)

It is proposed that the book will contain 11 chapters, each giving a different
perspective on the main issue of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and gender.
 350 words in English (not including headline, bibliography, and details of
 must be original (not published, nor under revision, elsewhere);
 We welcome both empirical and pure theoretical meditations on the subject.
Please be aware that empirical works must have ethical approval;
 Abstracts should include:
∞ Context
∞ Theoretical framework or more general orientation (keep in mind the book’s
overall critical approach)
∞ Methodology, and ethical clearance if needed
∞ Main claims
∞ Main conclusions
∞ A bullet list of potential subsections or headlines
∞ A very brief bibliography
 Please include your full name(s), academic affiliations, short bio, and contact
details for at least one author (keep this section as short as possible)
Submit your abstract to the book’s editor, Lior Tal:
by 19th April 2020. Please also address any queries to Lior.
Authors will be notified by 29th May 2020

(acceptance of an abstract is not a guarantee of publication of a final essay).

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