Call for Papers – 10th MAYS Meeting

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Submission Deadline: 20.02.2019

30 years after the critical turn in medical anthropology we want to re-examine the many ethical and methodological challenges (junior) researchers face in the field. Various issues stemming from an increased modification of health and healing under neoliberalism force us to rethink established categories and recent concepts such as moral economies, anti-technology of citizenship, and bio-citizenship, posing difficult questions to researchers: Are we satisfied with the conceptual and methodological framework of current medical anthropology? How can we (re-)think theory and practice together?

At the meeting we want to discuss about the relationship between epistemological and political positionality, as the practice of fieldwork in medical anthropology is closely intertwined with both the adoption of theoretical paradigms and the choice of particular political and context-related positions from the researcher.

We therefore invite contributions that critically engage with one of the following or other issues in relation to the themes of the meeting:

  • Voice, power and knowledge on the field
  • Working at the margin (when the field speaks about violence, death, wars, borders)
  • Rethinking “anthropology at home” (location and relocation)
  • Getting in and out of the field
  • Ethics and engagement in social relations
  • Anthropology on demand (meeting the needs presented by the community)
  • Extractive industry and its impact on population health
  • Positionality and activism
  • Reality vs representation
  • Diagnostic proliferation in psychiatry and the moulding of contemporary Self
  • Healing knowledge and its transformation
  • New medical biotechnologies and body/life experience (reproductive technologies, strategies for increasing longevity, and so on)

If you want to contribute to the meeting, please submit an abstract of max. 300 words of your proposed contribution and three key words at the link below. After the notification of acceptance, you will be requested to submit your paper five weeks prior to the meeting.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 20.02.2019
Notification of Acceptance: 01.03.2019
Deadline for Paper Submission: 01.06.2019

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