Professorship Anthropology in Leipzig

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Universität Leipzig: W3 Professorship in Anthropology (Successor to Professor Ursula Rao) (

Deadline: 12 Feb 2020

(W3 is the highest pay grade requiring habilitation or a second book. If you can show success in having acquired funding, you might still qualify). 

The Faculty of History, Art and Area Studies seeks to fill the above professorship at the earliest opportunity.

The successful applicant will have a track record of excellent research in anthropology and in-depth knowledge of the field.  They are experienced in university administrationand able to take over as head of the Department of Anthropology. The minimum qualification is a PhD in anthropology and the completion of a second research project, including the publication of a second book or a series of journal articles (equivalent to a habilitation). The applicant must have published internationally, be successful in obtaining external funding, and have extensive teaching experience. They should be able to contribute to the transdisciplinary research clusters at Leipzig University, and work on topics such as transregional studies, global health, or planetary transformations.

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