Invitation CSIA IV “Beyond Humanism“ (September 23 – 27, 2019, Cologne/Germany)

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CSIA IV Beyond Humanism

CSIA IV Detailed Program_final


[Registration required until September 20, 2019]

We kindly invite all interested persons to join us in our Cologne Summer School of Interdisciplinary Anthropology (CSIA) IV: Beyond Humanism: Cyborgs – Animals – Data Swarms.

The CSIA is organized by the Collaborative Research Center 806 “Our Way to Europe”, the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology and we invite doctoral students and early postdocs from all disciplines whose academic interests follow similar perspectives and questions to join us for an intense week of interdisciplinary exchange and controversial discussion.
Not simply dismissing new modes of humanisms as mere social phenomena in an age of accelerated technological and cultural transformation, we aim at taking them seriously in order to better understand the shifts in contemporary concepts and controversies about the human being.

We would also like to raise special attention to our Public Evening Events:

Evening Lecture , September 24, 7.00 pm
The Overdetermination of Cyborgization… and What it Means
by Chris H. Gray (Santa Cruz, US)
(at lecture hall S 01, Seminar building, main campus)

Performance & Reading Event, September 25, 7.00 pm
AnthropoScenes – Crossing Boundaries of Scientific and Artistic Storytelling <>
in cooperation with DELTA – Volatile Waters and the Hydrosocial Anthropocene in Major River Deltas <>
Artists: Anna Badkhen, Anastasia Guevel, Marina Guzzo, and Sina Seifee
(at Rufffactory Ehrenfeld, Marienstr. 73, 50825 Cologne)

Evening Lecture , September 26, 7.00 pm
Strange Attractors – Animating Posthuman Futures Past
by Debbora Battaglia (Mount Holyoke, US)
(at lecture hall S 01, Seminar building, main campus)

Further information and a detailed program including all abstracts available at: <>
Contact: <>

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