EASA 2020 LISBOA – New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe.

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EASA2020: New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe

Call for Panels 09/09/2019-21/10/2019
Decisions on panels announced 21/11/2019
Call for Films 01/11/2019-31/01/2020
Call for Papers and Labs 02/12/2019-20/01/2020
Panel convenors mark-up paper decisions01/02/2020
Film selection announced 06/03/2020
Early Bird registration 12/03/2020-20/04/2020

The Call for Panels is now open and will close on 21 October. All proposals must be made online via the submission form, but please first familiarise yourself with all the rules and guidelines on the Call for Panels page.

Panels will be chosen by the EASA2020 Scientific Committee that comprises members of the Local Committee, EASA Executive Committee and additional scholars covering a plethora of different anthropological traditions, sub-fields and theoretical approaches.

The hosts
ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon and ICS-University of Lisbon are the host institutions. ISCTE is a research university focused on social sciences, management and technologies, and ICS is the social science research center of the University of Lisbon. Although distinct public universities, they share the campus of the University of Lisbon, where the conference will take place.

The local committee
Headed by Miguel Vale de Almeida (ISCTE-IUL and CRIA) and Susana Matos Viegas (ICS-UL) the local committee is representative of the diversity of anthropological institutions in Portugal: Antónia Pedroso de Lima (ISCTE and CRIA), Catarina Alves Costa (NOVA FCSH and CRIA), Catarina Fróis (ISCTE and CRIA), Clara Saraiva (FLUL), Cristiana Bastos (ICS-UL), Humberto Martins (UTAD and CRIA), Irene Rodrigues (ISCSP-UL), João Pina Cabral (U Kent), José Mapril (NOVA FCSH and CRIA), Maria Cardeira da Silva (NOVA FCSH and CRIA), Marina Pignatelli (ISCSP-UL and CRIA), Manuela Ivone Cunha (U Minho and CRIA), Simone Frangella (ICS-UL), Nuno Domingos (ICS-UL) and Mafalda Melo de Sousa as secretary on behalf of CRIA (Center for Research in Anthropology, Portugal).

The Scientific Committee
Sarah Green (Chair of SciComm, President of EASA), Susana Viegas (Local Committee), Maria Cardeira da Silva(Local Committee), Georgeta Stoica (EASA Executive Committee), Monica Heintz (EASA Executive Committee), Christina Toren (additional member), Adam Kuper (additional member), Jorge Grau Robollo (additional member), Fabio Vicini (additional member).

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