With this letter we solicit, for our ninth issue, articles for the on-line journal we are co-editing, Déjà Lu, an initiative of the World Council of Anthropological Associations. We publish articles selected by the editors of different anthropological journals worldwide, and give them global visibility through our international networks. The first through to eighth issues of Déjà Lu are to be found HERE. Your journal is vital to this effort and we hope that you will choose to be involved.

For this ninth issue we seek essays that were originally published during the year 2019.

Here’s how it works:
• you select one article you have already published and send a pdf copy with the title, one abstract in English (mandatory) and one in any other language (optional but preferred: we would like to encourage multi-lingualism ) and a cover image of the journal, and indicate that we have permission to republish it on the WCAA website. The article can be on any anthropological topic, but will presumably be one that is representative of your journal.
• if you wish, authors or translators may translate their texts into English and we will publish the translation (Déjà Lu will, however, not be responsible for the quality of the translation). If texts have originally been published in English, this too is fine, and is not a barrier to their republication in Déjà Lu;
• we will publish the Déjà Lu e-volume on the WCAA webpage for free; we will disseminate the e-volume to the WCAA’s global networks of anthropologists.

Déjà Lu has been praised as an innovative way of giving access to global anthropological content. This initiative depends on the active participation of the WCAA membership. In fact your participation is crucial!

Please send us a pdf of the article you have chosen to dejalu@wcaanet.org, and remember to send papers that have originally been published from January 1st through December 31st, 2019. We look forward to hearing from you!

The deadline for submission of articles is Dec. 30, 2020, in order to have our eighth issue come out in February 2021. Please be in touch soon!

Best regards,

–Gordon Mathews, cmgordon@cuhk.edu.hk  (Hong Kong Anthropological Society)
–Lía Ferrero, liaferrero@gmail.com (Colegio de Graduados en Antropología de la República Argentina [CGA])
–Joy Owen, owenjn@ufs.ac.za (Anthropology Southern Africa)

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