A APA manifesta o seu apoio à ABA (em atualização)

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Mensagem do presidente da ABA aos delegados da WCAA

Em mensagem enviada aos delegados das associações da WCAA, o presidente da Associação Brasileira de Antropologia, Antonio Carlos de Souza Lima, informa que:

(…) the President of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court gave an injunction in favor of the security mandate that we filed to halt the breach of bank secrecy and tax ABA and my own. The process as a whole will still be judged, so all documents that are to be sent should be sent the same way.


Carta de Apoio à ABA


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Car@s colegas,

como todos sabem a APA é membro do WCAA, o World Council of Anthropological Associations, e mantém relações estreitas com a sua congénere brasileira, a ABA (Associação Brasileira de Antropologia). Há dois dias recebemos um mail de um dos antigos presidentes da ABA e ex-presidente do WCAA, Prof. Gustavo Lins Ribeiro, alertando para a terrível situação a que a ABA está sendo submetida no Brasil. Basicamente, o corrente parlamento brasileiro decidiu tentar inverter alguns dos direitos dos quilombos e da propriedade das terras indígenas, assunto sobre o qual a ABA e os antropólogos brasileiros têm amiúde sido chamados a intervir. Infelizmente, estamos perante uma tentativa de interesses de fazendeiros, corporações mineiras, de madeireiros e de outros de descredibilizar o trabalho e a reputação da Antropologia brasileira. Está mesmo de pé uma tentativa de investigação das contas bancárias da ABA e do seu presidente. Podem ler nesta noticia (abaixo) a nota enviada por Gustavo Lins Ribeiro e a nota emitida pela direcção da ABA.

O WCAA está neste momento a redigir uma carta conjunta de todas as associações de antropologia Incluindo a APA (claro) a nível mundial, como protesto a esta situação. A APA já escreveu dando o seu apoio à ABA e escreverá igualmente uma carta de apoio à ABA.
Enquanto presidente da APA achei que esta situação de ataque à democracia, aos direitos indígenas e quilombolas e ao trabalho e credibilidade dos colegas antropólogos brasileiros deve ser desde já denunciada e que é bom que todos os sócios saibam o que se está a passar.

Clara Saraiva
Presidente APA


Mensagem da ex-presidente da ABA, Prof. Carmen Rial, sobre a terrível situação que se está a viver no Brasil em relação à ABA (Associação Brasileira de Antropologia).

Dear Chandana and colleagues,

Here below I forward the message wrote by Gustavo (1) explaining the serious threat to ABA and the note (2) issued by the Board of Directors of ABA, that, being a member, we signed. IUAES and other institutions also received the demand of a support letter. We should act urgently because ABA have meetings with high politicians and members of the Supreme Court and to have international support would be benign.

(1) “As you know, there is a “low parliamentary coup” (as the French newspaper Le Monde called it) going on in Brazil. Our national congress is currently dominated by right wing groups, among them those defending the interests of cattle ranchers, mining corporations and large agribusiness eager to enter Indian lands and other protected areas. Late last year, they started a “parliamentary investigation commission (CPI),” which is a powerful investigative body of the congress, on Indian and Quilombo (former runaway slaves) lands. Their aim is to demoralize the previous legislation that defend these peoples and their lands in order to implement new laws which will allow for the use of these protected “natural resources”.

Since its beginning, the CPI attacked Brazilian anthropologists who play a key role in defining these protected areas and who are, as you know, very vocal on the defense of Indians and Quilombolas. This week the CPI ordered that the bank accounts of the Brazilian Association of Anthropology and of its current president, Antonio Carlos de Souza Lima, be investigated. I am not sure what they are presumably looking for but it might be to prove that ABA is operating on behalf of “anti-Brazilian interests” since it has been funded by foreign foundations.

ABA’s Board of Directors, of which as a former president I am a member, issued the attached note and we are asking for international support. The sooner the better.”

(2) “Statement by the Board of Directors of ABA (Brazilian Anthropology Association) concerning the decision of the CPI (Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry) into the affairs of INCRA (National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform) and FUNAI (National Indian Foundation) to breach ABA’s financial and bank confidentiality.

The Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Anthropology (ABA) hereby publicly expresses its extremely serious concern over the course of action taken by the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry (CPI) set up on 28th October 2015 to “investigate the activities of the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) and the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA) in the demarcation of the lands of indigenous peoples and quilombo communities.”

The actions taken to date by the CPI reveal the intention to criminalize all activities aimed at protecting the human rights of indigenous peoples and quilombola communities in the face of the repeated and violent threats to which they are constantly exposed in contemporary Brazil. An impartial and democratic investigation should, on the contrary, be recognizing the difficulties faced by diverse public bodies and civil associations in providing the resources needed to protect these vulnerable and threatened minority populations, in fulfilment of the democratic precepts of the Federal Constitution and the international agreements signed by the Brazilian State.

As a scientific society and non-profitmaking civil association, ABA’s actions are based on the principles of complete integrity and transparency, in accordance with existing legislation and in compliance with the responsibilities established in its own Code of Ethics, and has nothing to fear, from a legal viewpoint, from any parliamentary inquiry. However it is well aware of the destructive potential of a biased political action, motivated by undeclared interests, contrary to the construction of a plural and democratic society welcoming of difference.

The Brazilian anthropological community, represented by ABA, calls on the support of sectors of civil society actively working towards full and inclusive citizenship, and on parliamentarians committed to the democratic cause, to oppose the action of any movements, parliamentary or otherwise, attempting to set back the fight for human rights in our country.

Board of Directors of ABA: http://www.portal.abant.org.br/index.php/institucional/conselhos.

12 July 2016.”

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