Anthromob workshop: Mobility and the future of work

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Barcelona 6-8 november

Please see below the final programme of the workshop “Mobility and the Future of Work”, which will take place in Barcelona, 6-8 november.
The workshop is organized in collaboration with University of Barcelona, CONJUST and GER Grup d’estudis sobre reciprocitat.

If you are around and wish to join us for the discussions, please register by sending us an email at:

Download a printable version of the program here

Day I: November 6
13.30-15.00: Registration
15.00-16.00: Welcome and introduction
16.00-18.00: PANEL 1: Digital nomads: New configurations of work-related
mobile communities and social spaces
Chair: Fabiola Mancinelli

   – Elisenda Ardèvol, Patricia Matos: “The potentiality to move: mobility and future in digital nomads’ practices”
   – Eeva Kesküla: “Challenging ideas of work and seeking alternatives in digital nomad families”
   – Dyana Wing So, Yoana Stefanova, Isabel Cristina Parra, Riccardo Demurtas: “The Life-cycle Model of Digital Nomads: A Case Study of Barcelona”
   – Fabiola Mancinelli: “Ethos of freedom and geoarbitrage: digital nomads and the future of work”
   – Doerte Weig: “Gigging, platforming, co-collaborating: The relevance of multimodal sensing in our future work and mobility practices”

18.00-18.30: Break
18.30-19.30: Keynote session TBA
19.30-21.00: Welcome Drink

Day II: November 7
9.00-11.00: PANEL 2: Mobility, education and work in the making of a desirable self
Chair: Silvia Wojczewski

   – Ignacio Fradejas-Garcia, Roger Norum : “Un/placing expert knowledge: Mobility and place as future assets among the careers of academics and development workers”
   – Leonardo Azevedo: “Brazilian brains in mobility”
   – Silvia Wojczewski: “Imaginaries of diaspora and work in the process of fashioning the self”
   – Corinne Schwaller: “‘I run and run but I don’t get anywhere’: Precarity as life on a treadmill”
   – Briana Nichols: “Waiting for Change: educational striving, ‘professionalism’, and mobility in Guatemala”

11.00-11.30: Tea/Coffee Break
11.30-13.30: PANEL 3: Social justice: Planning for the future in transnational settings
Chair: Mikel Aramburu and Irene Sabaté Muriel

   – Silvia Bofill: “Care, labour and mobility: struggles for the future”
   – Ramesh Sunam: “South-South Transnational Labour Migration and Precarity”
   – Angelina Kussy, Mauricio Chemas: “Translocal livelihoods, kinship and the creation of a “pure labor”: towards political economy of transnationalism”
   – Ambra Formenti, Francesco Vacchiano: “Superflexibility: Mobility, Work and the Future among Portuguese Migrants in Peterborough (UK)”

13.30-15.00: Lunch
15.00-16.00: Anthromob Network Meeting (for all participants)
16.00-18.00: PANEL 4: Values and imaginaries of mobility and future in precarious work arrangements
Chair: Anna Lisa Ramella

   – Asiya Islam: “‘Computer wala kaam’: Precarious work and technological imaginaries among young women in urban India”
   – Victoria Stead: “Labour, mobility, and the making of futures and places in an Australian horticultural region”
   – Anna Lisa Ramella: “Para-sitic mobilities – lateral future-making in times of fragility“
   – Giuseppe Troccoli: “Moving to work, building to live: the precarious mobilities of construction workers in Belize”
   – Ursula Probst: “(Sex) Work for a better future? Mobility, hopes and realities of sex workers from Central and Eastern Europe in Berlin”

19.30: Social Dinner (venue TBA; self-funded)

DAY III: November 8
9.00-11.00: PANEL 5: Freedom to work, precarity of work: entrepreneurship
and/or -precariat in contexts of mobility
Chair: TBA

   – Susanne Klien: “Urban migrants in rural Japan: Between limbo and aspiration”
   – Hemangini Gupta: “Will to Automate: Postcolonial Mobilities and the Future of Work”
   – Laura A. Tufă: “Overwork in uncertain working time regimes and blurred physical boundaries. Discourses and practices of mobility in tele- and home-working”
   – Neda Deneva: “Mobility without Migration: Labour Exchange and On-demand-mobility in the IT Sectors in Romania and Bulgaria”
   – María Jesús Cabezón-Fernández: “Dealing with the crisis through transnational entrepreneurship. Itineraries across spatialities in the Mediterranean arena”

11.00-11.30: Tea/Coffee Break
11.30-13.30: Publication and Discussion Lab
13.30-15.00: Lunch
15.00-16.30: Thematic walk

Kind regards,
The workshop organizers

Fabiola Mancinelli (U Barcelona), Silvia Wojczewski (U Lausanne), Anna Lisa
Ramella (U Cologne), Helena Patzer (U Warsaw), Dana Johnson (U Amherst)

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